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Sewage Cleaning
29 FEBRUARY 2016

Why a Professional is Always Best for Sewage Cleaning

There are a few situations in which you wouldn’t hesitate to consider them an emergency. A fire, for example, would be one of those situations. Floods and severe weather would also be considered emergencies by most people. Another emergency situation that many people don’t think about is one that can cause severe illness when not […]

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Restoration Services
29 JANUARY 2016

After the Fire: Restoration Services You’ll Need

There are few things that are quite as life-changing and traumatizing as a fire. Whether it’s your home or business, whether it was big or small, fires can greatly impact your life in many ways. Even after the fire is out, there are still so many things to take care of in order to get […]

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roof replacement
30 DECEMBER 2015

The Benefits of Roof Replacement Often Outweigh Large-Scale Repairs

Most homeowners can expect roof replacement after 20 years, depending on what material the existing roof is made with, along with storm frequency and climate. A roof might also need to be replaced after severe damage from a storm or fire. In addition to “Acts of God” and age, roof problems can arise from neglect. […]

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fire restoration
30 NOVEMBER 2015

Fire Restoration: The Quicker it Begins, The Better the Outcome

With fire restoration, time is of the essence. The more time you lose, the more your home will lose. Restoration is a process that must commence as quickly as possible to salvage what can be salvaged. Firefighters, rightfully so, are not concerned about upholstered furniture or hardwood floors when doing their job. If your home […]

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emergency restoration
30 OCTOBER 2015

Personal Hygiene is Vital During Emergency Restoration

Hygiene is very important after an earthquake, hurricane or flood, but finding safe, clean running water can be difficult. Keeping your hands clean during emergency restoration will help prevent the spread of germs. If your faucet water isn’t safe for use, wash your hands with soap and water that has been disinfected or boiled. To […]

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How to Protect Yourself Against Electrical Hazards After a Disaster

After a flood, hurricane or other natural disaster, you must take extreme care to avoid electrical hazards in your home, as well as elsewhere. Here’s how to protect yourself, your family and others: NEVER touch a fallen power line. Report it to the power company. During cleanup and other activities, avoid contact with overhead power […]

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Air Duct Cleaning
30 AUGUST 2015

Air Duct Cleaning in Commercial Kitchens is a Specialist Task

Commercial kitchens are constantly busy, which makes it difficult to find the time to undertake air duct cleaning. But because of the amount of grease and dirt that accumulates, it’s essential they are regularly deep-cleaned. Air duct cleaning is a specialist task that is performed better and quicker by experts because: They use the right […]

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30 JULY 2015

Do’s And Don’ts after a Burst Plumbing Pipe

The effects of a burst or frozen plumbing pipe can be devastating. The best solution is to enlist the help of a team of professionals who have the knowledge required to rectify the situation efficiently and promptly. But, before calling them, there are some do’s and don’ts that homeowners can follow to ensure that damage […]

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mold removal
30 JUNE 2015

Causes for Mold Removal – Excessive Moisture & Humidity

Mold removal often becomes necessary inside a home or business when there has been excessive moisture or humidity for an extended period of time. The problem could occur from a sudden release of water, such as a large spill that goes untreated or a burst pipe, or a chronic condition such as faulty plumbing or […]

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cleaning services
30 MAY 2015

Careful Who You Choose When Hiring Carpet Cleaning Services

There are many companies out there offering professional carpet cleaning services, but only a handful of them are reliable and trained to provide a thorough job. To the naked eye, it’s virtually impossible for a homeowner to tell if the work has been done properly. To avoid any doubts, it’s important to hire a company […]

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