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How to Preserve your Pipes and Beat the Freeze

If you have uninsulated pipes running in an uninsulated area, your pipes can easily freeze. The Building Research Council at the University of Illinois, has concluded the “temperature alert threshold” to be 20° F. Pipes exposed in an unheated and uninsulated area when the temperature drops to 20° F, are in extreme danger of freezing. What measures are needed to preserve your pipes and keep your water running? Keep garage [...]

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Did you know that in the US each year, homeowners file more water damage claims than almost any other type of loss? Water is second, only to wind and hail damage. OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOME 1. Disconnect Hoses – This must be on your Fall “to do” checklist. If the hose freezes, it can create an ice block, that can then burst your pipes and create damage to the walls, [...]

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What to Do Following Storm Damage

Storm damage is a tricky thing to navigate because, unlike other disastrous things that can happen to your home, disastrous things are happening to lots of homes in the area. If you are subject to storm damage in some form, be it a flood from a torrential downpour, hurricane-force winds stripping your roof bald, or a downed tree that has decided to make itself right at home on your roofline, [...]

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can happen to anyone, and it often likes to strike without warning. Whether you have experienced a flood, an overflowing bathtub, or a burst pipe, water damage is a serious issue that no one should take care of on their own. Even when there are issues with water damage, minor or major, you should make sure the water damage restoration is done by professionals. While water damage isn’t [...]

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What Occurs During Fire Damage Restoration?

A fire is traumatic-- no doubt about that! However, what many people neglect to tell you about fire damage is that the process of restoration can be long-suffering and trying, sometimes causing its own version of trauma. If you have recently had a fire and need fire damage restoration, it can be helpful to know a little bit about the process that you are embarking on before you get started. [...]

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We Handle Every Step of Damage Restoration

When your home has been damaged by fire, flood, or any other disaster, it is important that you get your home cleaned up and put back together as soon as possible.  Living in a home that is damaged can cause a lot of problems and is not safe for you and your family. If water has caused any damage, mold can grow, which can make you and your family very [...]

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Let Us Help with Sewage Cleaning

If you have had a toilet leak, a sewage pipe burst, or a mishap with your sewage system that has resulted in a flood in your home, it is important to get it cleaned up right away.  But sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what needs to be done to clean the mess up and get everything sanitized and put back together. Most people do not know the [...]

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Reliable Water and Fire Damage Restoration

Life can sometimes throw us giant curve balls, like a flood or a fire in our home. Most of the time there is nothing we could have done to prevent these disasters from happening, but we are stuck with the mess that they made in our home. Cleaning up the damage done by a fire or a flood can be overwhelming and very time consuming.  A professional restoration company is your [...]

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Water Damage Cleanup You Can Trust

When your home has suffered from water damage, it can be very overwhelming.  First, you have to figure out how to get rid of all the water, fix what is causing the problem, and then you have to dry everything out and do any repairs.  It can be very time consuming and can take hours and hours to get everything done.  It is best to call in a professional to [...]

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How to Keep Your Furniture Looking Brand New with Upholstery Cleaning

Daily maintenance is a must. If you aren’t cleaning your furniture as a part of your regular routines, now is the time to start. You may be equally amazed and disgusted to discover what exactly is lurking in between your couch’s cushions. Set a few rules around your household to lessen the mess that can be made on your furniture. For example, you can have rules against eating or drinking [...]

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