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roof replacementMost homeowners can expect roof replacement after 20 years, depending on what material the existing roof is made with, along with storm frequency and climate. A roof might also need to be replaced after severe damage from a storm or fire. In addition to “Acts of God” and age, roof problems can arise from neglect. Often, air leaks or water stains are the first symptoms of trouble.

Roof replacement offers the following benefits that can outweigh large-scale repairs:

  • When a new roof is installed, all the old material is removed, so that the decking can be examined and, if necessary, replaced. With old roofs, the decking could be compromised, resulting in rot that will eventually cause leaks.
  • It can be more cost-effective to replace an entire roof than a portion of it because partial replacement per square foot is more expensive. Also, some repairs may cause the roof to become lopsided since repairs often involve placing new material over damaged sections.
  • Too many patchwork repairs can result in uneven wear.
  • New roofs incorporate advanced technologies that make them more durable, and they often come with generous warranties.
  • A new roof can raise your property level and probably lower your insurance premium.
  • Roof replacement comes with energy efficiency benefits. Materials certified by Energy Star can reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 15 percent.

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