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mold removalMold removal often becomes necessary inside a home or business when there has been excessive moisture or humidity for an extended period of time. The problem could occur from a sudden release of water, such as a large spill that goes untreated or a burst pipe, or a chronic condition such as faulty plumbing or a leaking roof. Even excessive condensation can trigger mold issues. It’s always advisable to have the problem evaluated by a mold removal and home restoration professional.

If conditions permit, mold can grow anywhere. If you see visible growth on a wall, you should be worried about what might be growing on the other side of it. The environment inside a wall can provide a perfect haven for mold because it is very different to that of an exterior wall.

If a wall stays wet for a prolonged period, you can be sure that mold growth on its back side will be even worse than what is on the front. At this stage, removing moldy materials, and then having any salvageable framing cleaned is imperative. A licensed mold removal professional has the experience and training to do the following:

  • Identify the source of moisture.
  • Evaluate visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Contain damage to the smallest possible area.
  • Remove the contamination.
  • Dry the materials to prevent the mold from returning.
  • Perform or recommend other house restoration procedures to return a home to its original condition.

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