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The Three Leading Causes of the Need for Water Damage RestorationThe Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) recently chronicled the 3 main causes of water damage, based on insurance claims for damage restoration. It also outlined the most common indicators of problems and gave tips on how to detect them.

Damage Restoration Claims for Overflowing or Clogged Toilets

The IBHS found this to be a very common issue in bathrooms, especially at the toilet bowl. When it comes to toilets, indications of a problem are obvious because they are typified by not being able to flush because something has blocked the drainage system, or water flowing over the seat. If these issues aren’t solved in a timely manner, serious damage can occur.

Damage Restoration Claims for General Plumbing Problems

According the IBHS findings, the average cost to repair general plumbing problems often exceeds $5,000 – excluding the deductible. As with toilet bowl issues, plumbing situations present their own distinct symptoms. Homeowners should look for wet or damp soil around the home’s foundation, rust stains around pipes, or abrasive random noises in the pipes.

The Three Leading Causes of the Need for Water Damage Restoration

Damage Restoration Claims for Washing Machine Failures

These failures are common, and fixing them can cost a bundle – the average being $5,300 per claim for each incident. A major issue is when the hoses explode. Serious water damage can occur – depending on the size of the hole – because large amounts of water pump through the hoses. These incidents can be the result of overuse or when the washing machine is overloaded.

Note: The IBHS is a non-profit, independent, educational and scientific entity supported by the property insurance industry.


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