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Mold Removal Discovering mold in your home can be incredibly stressful. Once mold has started growing, it can spread aggressively. Since mold grows so quickly, you need to be highly observant of what’s happening in your home to address an issue right away. If mold is growing in your home, it can also have highly negative health effects.

Some telling signs that you may need mold removal services include the following:

  • If you smell a wet and unpleasant odor in your home, it may be attributed to mold.
  • Moisture is the contributing factor to making an environment more conducive to mold growth. High levels of humidity in your home is likely causing mold to grow somewhere– possibly the attic, the basement, or anywhere that water may be leaking.
  • Mold removal may be required if you or family members are experiencing an increase of allergy-type symptoms, including asthma attacks, difficulty breathing, itchy and running eyes, etc.
  • Actually seeing mold growth is always a telling sign that you need mold removal services; however, it may be hard to spot sometimes, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for.
  • If your home has recently had flooding caused by a broken pipe, appliance, or excessive rain, there is a chance of mold growth. This is especially true if you did not have professional services come to clean up the flooding.

Pay attention so that you’ll notice these telling signs of mold growth as early as possible. This will help you to avoid serious mold issues and keep your home safe and healthy for you and your family.


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