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water damage restoration
12 JANUARY 2017

Spangler Restoration: Professional Water Damage Restoration & Water Damage Repair in Charlotte, NC

Remember, you can help prevent frozen pipes! ✔  Open cabinet doors ✔  Keep the thermostat above 60° ✔  Let faucets drip Spangler Restoration is here if you need us! Call us anytime, 24/7, and we’ll send our damage restoration experts to your door. We will help you get your life back in order in no […]

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Fire Damage
28 DECEMBER 2016

Tips for Handling Fire Damage Before Professionals Get There

A fire in your home is incredibly devastating. Even if the fire is controlled early on, there are so many different ways that damage can be caused. Fire damage can be a result of actual flames, heat from flames, or there can be residual damage from smoke. Likewise, water used to stop the flames can […]

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Water Damage Restoration in Charlotte, North Carolina
14 DECEMBER 2016

How to Prep for Hurricane Damage Repair

No one knows exactly when, where, or how intensely a hurricane will hit. Weather stations now have astounding technology to make their predictions more accurate, but they are always still predictions. Nature can change so quickly and dramatically in a short period of time that it is best to always be prepared for the event […]

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Mold Removal in Charlotte, North Carolina
28 OCTOBER 2016

How to Spot if You Need Mold Removal in Your Home

Mold is a major problem across North Carolina. This is because mold often grows in hard-to-reach spots where you might not notice it right away. It will sit in these dark and damp corners, growing happily away and releasing hundreds of toxic spores into the air around you. Learning what the basic signs are of […]

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Storm Damage Repair in Charlotte, North Carolina

Getting Speedy Storm Damage Repair Can Make All the Difference

Mother Nature can sometimes be brutal on our homes and buildings. You’ve likely seen footage of the damage that was caused by major storms such as hurricanes or tornadoes, but the reality is that any storm with strong winds and heavy rain can do a number on your house. For example, a tree branch could […]

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Water Damage Restoration

Spangler Restoration: Water Damage Restoration Experts in Charlotte, NC

Thankful to have her home back, Patty Yost, a North Carolina homeowner, shares her wonderful experience with Spangler Restoration’s water damage restoration service. If your home has been damaged by fire, water, or mold, the specialists at Spangler Restoration in Charlotte, NC can make it look and feel like new again.

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Water Damage Restoration in Charlotte, North Carolina
30 AUGUST 2016

Why Water Damage is the Biggest Home Wrecker Around

Water damage is a huge problem in North Carolina. In fact, if it is left too long, water damage can single-handedly take down your home. It usually starts simple, so you don’t think it is a big deal. Perhaps a tree branch fell on the corner of your home and damaged the roofing tiles. This […]

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video screenshot
19 AUGUST 2016

Spangler Restoration: Offering Emergency Restoration Services in Charlotte, NC and Surrounding Areas

At Spangler Restoration, our damage restoration services can’t be beat! We can fix up your home after any disaster, including fire, smoke, water, mold, natural disasters, vandalism, or any other damage that may affect your property. We serve Charlotte, Matthews, Monroe, and surrounding areas in North Carolina with top-notch customer service and high-quality labor and […]

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Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte, North Carolina
29 JULY 2016

3 Reasons Why Quick Fire Restoration is So Important

Fire damage can wreak havoc on your home, but the damage that it leaves may go deeper than you realize. In just minutes, a fire can take over your entire home and even burn through the walls into spots you cannot see. Even after the fire is put out, the toxic smoke will leave a […]

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Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte, North Carolina
30 JUNE 2016

Don’t Let Fire Damage Ruin Your Life

If you have never had to deal with fire damage in your home before, then you may not realize how big of a problem it can be. If your home catches on fire, there are many toxic chemicals that will be released as the various items around your house catch fire. The smoke that is […]

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