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Wall Cleaning Without Removing Paint

Wall Cleaning Without Removing Paint
The challenge of cleaning a wall is great when you consider how fragile the paint job on your wall might be. But there is a wall cleaning process that we at Spangler Restoration can utilize to help you with getting your walls cleaned off while keeping their natural appearances.

  • Detergent Is Key- The main part of wall cleaning is to use a safe detergent that is not abrasive. Traditional dish soap is popular for being effective yet gentle. When applied with a soft sponge, you can get this compound to move well into the stain without disrupting the main wall surface.
  • What About Vinegar?- Vinegar is a prominent wall cleaning compound that we can mix with water if necessary. The chemical reactions from vinegar do well on stains but are not strong enough to break into a wall’s paint job. This is a natural compound that works well if you have a lighter stain that needs help.
  • Mild Degreasers Help- A mild degreaser may be added onto a surface to wash off a wall. This wall cleaning compound works best on oil-painted walls. Any sponges used for cleaning off a wall should be gentle, though. Also, a degreaser would work best in a kitchen where greasy materials are likely to be used.

See what our team at Spangler Restoration has to offer when you’re looking to get a wall cleaned off. We will assist you with cleaning any problematic stains off of the walls in your home while keeping their natural appearances intact.


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