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The Three Leading Causes of the Need for Water Damage RestorationWhen it comes to water damage, each case is different. In order to fix the damage quickly and in the best way possible, you need one of our professionals to assess the whole situation. By immediately taking care of the problem, more serious issues like mold can be avoided, which keeps the cost of your water damage repair to a minimum. At Spangler Restoration, we quickly decide the best way to approach your specific water damage situation and take care of it before the worst can happen.

The first steps of water damage repair are to stop the flow of water or sewage and then remove the remaining standing water or sewage. The sooner the excess water can be removed, the less severe the damage will be. We then use our best air movers and dehumidifiers to help things dry out more quickly. Our technicians monitor the whole process, measuring the moisture content in the room to see which spots need to be focused on. By targeting the problem areas, your water damage repair will be more successful and efficient.

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