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Shipping Container Mold Removal


Shipping containers make the world go ‘round, literally. Without them we’d be lost trying to figure out how to make do with what’s readily available to us. Every day millions of goods are shipped from one place to another via large shipping containers, hoping to make it to their final destination without any problems. Companies shipping products want the quality of their goods to get to their customers as expected, just as the customers expect quality products from the sellers. Problems that occur during shipping however, aren’t always preventable.

It’s no question that shipping containers go through a lot, but for the individuals sending and those receiving, making sure the goods get there in one piece is of the top priority. Shipping containers are built to withstand miles of travel, and even the elements. But just because these containers are made to withstand it all, doesn’t mean they will. For example, shipping containers may be “water tight,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are “water resistant.” To put it more simply, these containers can withstand a drop here and there from weather or rough seas, but in terms of moisture getting in or staying out, all bets are off.

Most shipping containers are structurally sound but are not airtight. This allows moisture to wreak havoc inside, causing costly damage to many goods and products. Environmental changes, such as temperature shifts, lead to common occurrences within the shipping industry, moisture damage.

Cargo Sweating

Changes within the internal temperature of goods, as well as relative humidity inside the container, shift continuously during travel. Goods that had a relatively cool internal temperature will begin to warm, affecting the temperature within the space. As this happens, moisture begins to form on the goods in an event known as “cargo sweating.” Cargo sweating can not only damage the packaging of the goods, but can become the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. 

Container Rain

Similar to the internal temperature of goods changing (cargo sweating), the temperature within the container changes too. Think about it like this; a container packed in a humid climate will not retain that warm air as it lands in it’s colder destination. Cooler air causes the water vapor to condensate, much like that of a glass of ice water under room temperature conditions. This condensation forms on the coldest parts of the container, appearing as water droplets on the walls and roof, commonly known as, “container rain.” Container rain droplets fall onto goods causing huge losses due to moisture-related damage. 

Moist conditions within shipping containers not only cause physical damage to goods, such as the corrosion and damage to some metals, they can also pose health concerns. Mold and mildew need moisture to grow, and both cargo sweating and container rain create the perfect environment for this to occur. Many times moisture within the container can lead products to be so far damaged that they simply cannot be sold. Dry goods like husks or powders can clump, and textile goods can lock in moisture and odor. While the majority of these types of goods cannot be saved, some contents can be salvaged. 

Shipments containing glassware, construction equipment, building materials and hard plastics can easily be decontaminated and disinfected with the right tools and techniques. 

Mold can ruin anyone’s day. But if your business involves shipping goods, you know all too well that mold found within shipping containers can result in major financial loss. The team at SpangleR Restoration can restore the contaminated contents of your shipment, returning them to their original condition without a single trace of mold or mildew. Turn to SpangleR for all your shipping container mold mediation needs, and to help clean up and restore all your goods damaged by mold and moisture back to the high-quality products your customers expect. 

Did You Know?

Did you know that while you may have invested in cargo insurance for your business, you may not be completely covered. Although some plans have an “all risks” clause, water damage due to inevitable circumstances, such as condensation, is not covered. Moisture-related damage is often expected in shipping containers and it often leads to an uphill battle of the blame game.

Sure there are processes and tools that can reduce shipment loss, but in the event even these cannot save your goods from contamination, SpangleR is there to restore your contents to sellable condition. Not only does SpangleR offer fast turnaround times, they also offer quality work you can count on. When disaster strikes, you need a team you can trust. Don’t bear the cost of product loss due to mold or mildew, call SpangleR and protect your company’s brand and reputation. SpangleR, because trust matters.

SpangleR Results

Every fire is different, even the smallest fire can cause significant damage. Trust our trained staff to arrive promptly, survey and determine the extent of the damage. We then offer and provide the next steps to getting your home and property secured, through board up, and/or structural stabilization.

SpangleR Recognizes

Your home will be in the hands of certified, highly-skilled technicians, who will use equipment and techniques to contain and remove smoke odor, remove soot residue, and efficiently remove the water from fire extinguishing efforts. Before reconstruction starts, we provide pack-out services, thorough cleaning and secure storage for your belongings.

SpangleR Transforms

SpangleR specializes in AfteR, and while you’ve suffered damage to your home, you can trust SpangleR to return your home to the its’ pre-fire condition. Because trust matters™


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