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Construction Services, Belmont, NC

We can help with construction services in Belmont, NC, including any necessary restoration work.

Construction ServicesWhen you need some type of construction on your home or business, finding the right team for the job can be daunting. Depending on the size, scale, time frame, and need, different groups might have wildly different ideas, finished products, and costs for their construction services. The group that you choose needs not only to meet your needs and your budget, but also to have the knowledge and experience to properly complete the job with a minimum of problems, interruptions, or other issues.

Construction services can vary widely whether needed for a build from the ground-up, an addition, repairs, or restoration. Working with you to meet your needs for the space is an essential component not only to your peace of mind, but also to the proper completion of the job when and how you need it. When construction services are needed due to some type of damage, the particular concerns involved change depending on the type of damage, the severity of the damage, and the insurance policy to be called on for a claim. Having a contractor who works with your insurance company in order to get the best results for your claim will solve many of your construction questions and problems before they start and find a faster and better solution to most other issues you might have before, during, and after construction.

At Spangler Restoration, our company is headed by a veteran of the new-home building industry. He brings his talents and abilities to the table for all of your construction services in Belmont, NC and surrounding areas.

At Spangler Restoration, we offer construction services in Raleigh, Charlotte, Matthews, Holly Springs, Statesville, Greensboro, Belmont, Boone, and Hickory, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill, South Carolina.


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