Commercial Water Damage Cleanup, Greensboro, NC

Trust us to complete your commercial water damage cleanup quickly and professionally to get your business back to normal faster.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Greensboro, North Carolina

You are not the only person who relies on income from your business in Greensboro, North Carolina. Your employees rely on you for regular income. Your customers count on you to meet their needs. If you need commercial water damage cleanup, you can’t operate your business normally while you wait, which cuts into your profits and affects your employees and customers, as well.

There are many reasons you may need commercial water damage cleanup. Perhaps there is a flood from a natural disaster like a hurricane or other storm. Perhaps you have a broken pipe, an overflowing sink, a sewer backup, or other water damage. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that we have the experience and knowledge needed to complete a full restoration of your property.

When you call us here at Spangler Restoration for help with commercial water damage cleanup, you can expect us to:

  • Come quickly: We offer 24-hour emergency response and services. When it comes to water damage, acting quickly to stop the water at its source and to dry out and dehumidify your property is key to preventing further damage.
  • Assess your needs: Once the water is stopped, we will perform a full inspection of your property and create a plan of action to restore it.
  • Work with your insurance: We will work directly with your insurance adjuster until we reach an agreement on the scope of your needs.
  • Rebuild and restore your property: Once the agreement has been reached, we will be ready to complete a full restoration, making sure everything is repaired fully.


If you need commercial water damage cleanup in the area near Greensboro, don’t wait. Call us at Spangler Restoration today. You’ll be glad you did.

At Spangler Restoration, we offer commercial water damage cleanup services in Raleigh, Charlotte, Matthews, Holly Springs, Greensboro, Boone, and Hickory, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill, South Carolina.


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