Storm Damage Repair, Raleigh, NC

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Storm Damage Repair in Raleigh, NC

Storm damage can come in many forms and from many sources. For instance, Raleigh, North Carolina has the dubious distinction of being subject to both hurricanes from tropical currents and blizzards from polar cold fronts. These and other natural disasters can leave you reeling from storm damage to your home or business.

In the event of storm damage, you first need to worry about the immediate safety of those on the property–if the integrity of the structure becomes compromised during an ongoing storm, you should evacuate at the first opportunity and arrange for a professional assessment as soon as possible. If the damage to your home or business is extensive, you may need to arrange temporary accommodations or close shop until repairs can be completed.

The process of storm damage repair can be intimidating, as it requires coordination with many parties (the insurance agency, the repair technicians, you) to carry out. Attempting to take care of it all yourself is likely to put you under even more strain than the damage itself did, but luckily our team at Spangler Restorations is here to help. We have over fifty years of experience in all steps of the storm damage repair process, from the initial inspection to negotiating with insurance agents to the repairs themselves, and we are proud to serve the Raleigh community.

If your home or business comes to harm from a storm or other weather event, call us at Spangler Restoration at your earliest opportunity to begin the process of storm damage repair. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to ensure your property is put to rights as soon as possible.


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