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Charlotte 704.821.0882 | Raleigh 919.741.5577 

Boone 828.355.5912 SC 803.610.4510 

Greensboro 336.579.0060 | Hickory 828.759.5820

Concrete: Decorative and Durable

Nothing beats the durability and easy maintenance of concrete, yet few homeowners and business people consider doing anything else but covering up that concrete floor with tile, vinyl or carpeting. This is really rather sad, considering just how many applications exist that can turn a concrete floor into a really incredible focal point of a property.

One method of creating a unique floor is through a staining process. This is a great option for those who want an application that will never flake or come off. The stain permeates the concrete through an acid-etch process. It is far less expensive than most other types of flooring and can be done on any concrete floor. The floor must first be thoroughly cleaned to remove any grime, glue or other sealants.

Another method is using a water-based stain or concrete dye to add color to the concrete. These products are generally referred to as concrete paints. This can be done in an all-over installation, or stenciling can be added for a custom result.

Those property owners desiring anything from a satin to a high-gloss appearance can choose to have the concrete polished. This can be done on plain, gray concrete or after it has been colored by some method. The cost will depend on how shiny it will be, as it takes more passes over the floor to get each level of shininess.

Besides being used for interior floor applications, many of these options can be used for other construction plans, as well, including countertops, driveways, walkways and patios. It can be breathtaking to have the same appearance flow from the street to the home, through the home and beyond into the outdoor living spaces.


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