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Charlotte 704.821.0882 | Raleigh 919.741.5577 

Boone 828.355.5912 SC 803.610.4510 

Greensboro 336.664.8172 | Hickory 828.759.5820

Deal with Mold Removal Before Listing Your Home

It can be nearly impossible to sell your home if there is any evidence of mold. That means not just the visual presence of mold, but also the telltale lingering odor that is often present. The problem is that you may not even know that your home has mold. You may have become “nose blind” to the odors having been around it as it slowly grew into existence in an unseen part of your home – behind a wall, in the attic, or in the crawlspace. Waiting until a buyer’s home inspector finds it is not the best plan for dealing with mold. You should seek mold removal before you list your home. Here’s why:

  • Stigmatism – Once it is known in the real estate industry that your home has had mold removal, it can be difficult to get past the stigmatism. Don’t think for a minute that realtors don’t discuss these things at their networking events, particularly if the mold was extensive.
  • Lost Buyer – Most buyers under contract will walk away from a property if mold is found. Even though mold removal renders the problem moot, once the thought is there, their confidence in the property is shaken, often irreparably. At the very least, you can expect them to ask for a much lower selling price that goes beyond the cost of the mold removal.
  • Lost Time – Between losing a buyer and the trouble of getting realtors to want to show buyers your home, you will lose considerable time. If you are trying to get moved for a job opportunity or some other time-sensitive situation, this could very well be time you cannot afford to lose.

At Spangler Restoration, we recommend having your home inspected prior to listing, so we can take care of mold removal quickly and professionally if necessary. That way, you won’t get any surprises in this regard when a buyer’s inspection takes place. Call us today, and let’s take care of any mold your home may have so your real estate transaction can be stress-free.

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