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Charlotte 704.821.0882 | Raleigh 919.741.5577 

Boone 828.355.5912 SC 803.610.4510 

Greensboro 336.664.8172 | Hickory 828.759.5820

Do You Have a Fire or Flood Damage Disaster Plan for Your Family?

Disasters can happen quickly and often without any warning. You never know when your electricity, gas, telephone or water will be cut off. That’s why you and your family should be prepared for the worst. Knowing what to do and having a plan is your best protection against fire or flood damage.

Call your local emergency management office and find out what type of disasters your area is at risk of. Are these natural or manmade? What is the best line of defense against each type? Does your community have public warning systems? If so, what do they sound like? Find out about fire or flood damage disaster plans at your workplace, your children’s schools, and other places where your family spends a lot of time.

Organize a family meeting to put a plan in place. Keep it simple enough for everyone to understand and follow. All members of the family must know their roles. Discussing these roles prior to a disaster helps everyone to stay calm enough to put the plan into execution. Once your plan has been formulated, it’s equally important to practice it as a family. Performing actual drills helps everyone to be fully prepared. Ideally, this should be done twice a year.

At Spangler Restoration in Charlotte, NC, we are a fully licensed general contractor specializing in insurance restoration. We also offer 24/7 emergency house restoration services on mold, storm, smoke, fire and flood damage, as well as vandalism or any other disaster that may strike your home.

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