Fire Damage Repair, Raleigh, NC

We Work with Your Insurance Company to Make Fire Damage Repair in Raleigh, NC as Simple as Possible.

Fire Damage Repair, Charlotte, NCHaving a fire in your home or business is one of the most stressful and potentially damaging situations a person can go through. While common sense tells us some things to do and not to do during and after a fire, there are many pitfalls regarding fire damage repair that can only be avoided through experience. Spangler Restoration has the experience to know all the steps from those first moments through the fire damage repair process to complete restoration. Make us your first call — after the fire department, of course!

We have experts available 24/7 to walk you through those first critical steps that safeguard against further damage and keep your family safe. Fire damage repair begins by salvaging what can be saved and discarding the things that cannot. Our experts can advise about those things that may look okay, but are in fact not useable because of the fire, the heat of the fire, the smoke from the fire, or the water from extinguishing the fire. An example would be canned foods that may not have been scorched, but are still inedible due to the high heat.

There are a number of components behind fire damage repair that typical disaster cleanup crews do not address, but Spangler Restoration handles every time. For example, we use industrial-grade water extractors and dehumidifiers to remove the water and follow up with disinfectants and antimicrobials to prevent mold and mildew.  As a fully licensed North Carolina general contractor, we can completely rebuild your Raleigh, North Carolina home or business if necessary. We work with your insurance company for you, which makes the entire fire damage repair process as simple as possible.

At Spangler Restoration, we offer fire damage repair services in Raleigh, Charlotte, Matthews, Holly Springs, Greensboro, Belmont, Boone, and Hickory, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill, South Carolina.


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