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Saving Energy In Home Restorations

How Raleigh Homeowners Are Maximizing Energy Efficiency

Raleigh homeowners are choosing energy-efficient solutions for home restoration projects.

This article discusses how they’re maximizing their energy efficiency.

Five Ways Raleigh Residents Are Increasing Energy Savings

There are many ways to increase energy efficiency when taking on a home restoration project.

Here are five ways Raleigh residents are cutting down on energy expenditure. 

  1. Roofing
  2. Windows
  3. Appliances
  4. Flooring
  5. Light fixtures

Raleigh homeowners are quickly learning the best way to cut down on their energy bills is to incorporate solutions that increase energy efficiency. 

Integrating these solutions into either the exterior or interior of a home restoration can lead to enormous savings.

Choosing An Energy-Efficient Roof Leads To Savings

  1. Roofing

Energy-efficient roofs can be the best resource for energy savings.

These roofs are designed to reflect heat rather than absorb it, keeping unwanted heat out of the home.

Poorly designed roofs lead to high energy bills as the absorbed heat transfers into the home causing the home’s cooling system to work harder than necessary. The result: higher energy bills.

Raleigh homeowners are learning that over time these roofs pay for themselves.

On average, energy-efficient roofs save homeowners anywhere from $300 to $500 a year. 

  1. Windows

Windows can account for 25-30% of residential energy loss.

Selecting the right windows helps cut energy costs and increase comfort.

Energy-efficient windows can maximize savings for home renovation projects.

EnergyStar windows and NFRC labels can indicate reliable energy properties.

When selecting these windows homeowners need to consider window type, labeling, warranties, design, and proper installation.

  1. Appliances

Raleigh homeowners are also choosing energy-efficient appliances to maximize energy savings.

Modern technology allows appliances to use less energy even when energy use habits don’t change.

Adding Energy Star appliances can save homeowners on average over $500 a year.

Cut costs by switching out old appliances during your Raleigh home renovation.

  1. Flooring

The type of flooring used in a restoration can lead to energy savings as well.

Certain flooring such as carpets can insulate the home, whereas tile flooring can absorb heat and slowly release it when the time’s right.

Energy-efficient flooring helps homes stay cool during the summer months and warm during the winter. 

While often overlooked, flooring can be a big contributor to home energy savings. 

  1. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures with an EnergyStar rating on average use 90% less energy than traditional ones. 

Not only do they cut down home energy costs, they may also qualify for tax rebates. 

Energy efficient light fixtures also last longer making them worth the investment.

Raleigh residents are opting for upgraded light fixtures to maximize their energy efficiency.

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