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Fire Damage Is a Nightmare, and It Can Happen in Minutes

Fire Damage Is a Nightmare, and It Can Happen in MinutesAt the last official count, fire departments across America responded to 370,000 home fires in one year. These fires caused 2,520 deaths, 13,910 injuries, and $6.9 billion in damage. 92 percent of fire deaths resulted from home fires. Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and fire-related injuries, with kitchens being the leading area of origin for injuries and fire damage.

Here are some more scary fire damage stats:

• Only 4 percent of home fires started in the den, family room or living room. These fires caused 24 percent of deaths.
• 7% of reported home fires began in bedrooms. They caused 25 percent of deaths, 20 percent of injuries, and 14 percent of direct property damage.
• Home fires peak at dinner time, between 5 and 8pm.
• Smoking is the leading cause of home fire deaths.
• Two-thirds of reported home fire deaths occurred in homes where there were no smoke alarms, or smoke alarms that didn’t work.

A home can be ravaged by fire in minutes and destroy everything. Smoke removal and fire damage restoration is often a dangerous and complex process that is best left to a professional. The cleanup is hazardous because fire releases toxic fumes and also causes structural weakening. Only licensed, certified restoration experts should work on your home. This is not a job for the inexperienced – don’t risk your health and safety.

Fire damage restoration also involves the treatment of smoke odor, smoke damage, and soot removal, as well as removing ash from appliances, electronics, furniture, clothing and other personal effects.

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