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Fire Damage

How We Can Help You Come Back From Fire Damage

If your property suffers fire damage, quick action is vital to limiting the amount of damage that is inflicted on your property. You may think that once the fire is put out, the damage has been done and you can start getting things cleaned up at your leisure. Unfortunately, fire damage continues to eat away […]

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Fire Damage
29 MAY 2017

What NOT to Do If You Experience Fire Damage

Everyone always seems to have great advice about what you should do if you experience fire damage – call your insurance company, secure the property, call a restoration team, and so forth. Something they don’t often point out is the many things you want to be sure NOT to do. Here are a few of […]

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Fire Damage
28 DECEMBER 2016

Tips for Handling Fire Damage Before Professionals Get There

A fire in your home is incredibly devastating. Even if the fire is controlled early on, there are so many different ways that damage can be caused. Fire damage can be a result of actual flames, heat from flames, or there can be residual damage from smoke. Likewise, water used to stop the flames can […]

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Fire Damage Restoration in Charlotte, North Carolina
30 JUNE 2016

Don’t Let Fire Damage Ruin Your Life

If you have never had to deal with fire damage in your home before, then you may not realize how big of a problem it can be. If your home catches on fire, there are many toxic chemicals that will be released as the various items around your house catch fire. The smoke that is […]

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fire damage
16 APRIL 2015

Don’t Be Left Counting Your Losses After Fire Damage

When the firefighters have done their job, it might seem like the danger is over and that your home is safe from further devastation, but without house restoration professionals to thoroughly clean up after fire damage, your home will never return to normal. If left unhindered, smoke and ash will cause extensive discoloration, corrosion and […]

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30 APRIL 2014

We Can Help Rebuild Your Life and Your Home After Fire Damage

A fire can break out in an instant. No matter how new or old your home is, there is always the risk of this nightmare becoming a reality. Many homeowners are completely unprepared for a blazing disaster, even though they know that fire damage can ruin valuable possessions and precious memories. Worse still, it can […]

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kitchen fire damage restoration
15 MAY 2013

Fire Damage Is a Nightmare, and It Can Happen in Minutes

At the last official count, fire departments across America responded to 370,000 home fires in one year. These fires caused 2,520 deaths, 13,910 injuries and $6.9 billion in damage. 92 percent of fire deaths resulted from home fires. Cooking is the leading cause of home fires and fire-related injuries, with kitchens being the leading area […]

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