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Charlotte 704.821.0882 | Raleigh 919.741.5577 

Boone 828.355.5912 SC 803.610.4510 

Greensboro 336.664.8172 | Hickory 828.759.5820

Restore Your Home after a Fire

If your home catches fire, you are likely to feel very frightened and concerned. Many of our most prized possessions are in our homes, along with mementos, photographs, and other items that are difficult or impossible to replace. Luckily, fire restoration firms specialize in returning your home to its original pre-fire state, as well as recovering data and preserving personal items.

When the fire occurs, make sure to contact emergency personnel first so that proper extinguishing of the fire occurs. Once their job is complete, contact your own insurance company to start a claim and begin the repair process. If there is a lot of smoke in the home, make sure to exit the area so you don’t breathe in the chemicals. The next step is to contact a fire restoration company, who will assess the damage and give you an estimate and repair timeline. Choose a fire restoration company that is fully licensed, and make sure to stay in contact every step of the way.

Once the fire is out, it’s important to follow a few steps to minimize damage. Open all windows to start ventilation, and throw away any food with exposure to smoke. Take pictures if you can, so you can record the damage for the insurance as well as your own records. Don’t try to clean up the ash or soot, since it often contains dangerous chemicals. Don’t vacuum, wipe walls or tabletops, or take down any wall hangings or drapes. Leave that to the fire restoration professionals, who have special training and equipment to clean your home.


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