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Charlotte 704.821.0882 | Raleigh 919.741.5577 

Boone 828.355.5912 SC 803.610.4510 

Greensboro 336.664.8172 | Hickory 828.759.5820

Ways to Tell if You Need a Roof Replacement

It is human nature to put little thought to things that are working as they should, but it is important to overcome that tendency when you are a homeowner because regular maintenance and inspections are the only way to avoid big expenses. That is especially true when it comes to the roof of the home. Even though it is not inexpensive to replace a roof, it is a far better option than letting a bad roof cause even more costly repairs.

Ideally, the best way to tell if you need a roof replacement is to call a roofing contractor to do an inspection. They are experts at looking for warning signs and can take care of any repairs that just might delay the roof replacement. It is also safer to let them do the walking on the roof to test it out. However, taking this step doesn’t mean a homeowner shouldn’t be on the lookout themselves, making an interior and exterior inspection regularly. Twice a year inspections are recommended.

Things to watch for inside the home are any signs of water damage, such as dark spots or sagging. Look in the attic during the day with all lighting off to see if there is any outside light showing through the roof. If there is, you may need roof replacement or repair.

On the outside of the home, make an inspection of the roof for any damaged or missing shingles, being sure to focus on the various openings in the roof, such as vents and chimneys. Make sure all vents are extending from the roof and haven’t slipped inside the attic.  Make sure all drainage is working properly, such as gutters and downspouts.

Even if a homeowner does his or her own inspections twice a year, it isn’t a bad idea to hire a professional every couple of years just to be thorough. Better to pay for a roof replacement now than to have it fall in and create a real problem!


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