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Water Damage Restoration, Holly Springs, NC

Don’t let the stress of water damage drown you! We are here to help with water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration in Holly Springs, North CarolinaWater damage can be a frightening thing to encounter. While there are some disasters that you can immediately see a great extent of the damage (looking at you, fallen tree on roof!) there are others that are more difficult. Water damage, especially flooding, is often sneaky and silent. We don’t always hear the water coming in. Furthermore, the average property owner doesn’t have the tools to remove a lot of water, making cleanup next to impossible. When you’re in need of water damage restoration services, you might want to ask yourself the following questions.

First, is there anything that you can salvage? Depending on the damage, sometimes water damage restoration involves a thorough drying and dehumidifying of the carpets rather than replacing them. If your furniture is wet, you’ll either want it professionally cleaned or most likely should just toss it. Mold starts growing very, very quickly after water damage, so anything that can absorb water is at risk for being a mold habitat.

Second, how can you prevent more damage? Removing pieces of furniture, rugs, important documents, and other items can help you when it comes to water damage restoration. You’ll want professionals to assess the cause of the water damage and provide current and future solution.

Third, who are you going to call for your water damage restoration? At Spangler Restoration, we can get your property looking like there was never water damage to begin with. The rebuilding skills our team possesses ensure wonderful results for your Holly Springs, North Carolina property.

At your first sign of water damage, call us for water damage restoration services!

At Spangler Restoration, we offer water damage restoration services in Raleigh, Charlotte, Matthews, Holly Springs, Greensboro, StatesvilleBelmont, Boone, and Hickory, North Carolina, as well as Fort Mill, South Carolina.


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